You'll be looking for two stationary transmitters using two stationary receivers and one mobile receiver. You must submit the latitude and longitude of the approximate location for each transmitter in the form below. The form is set up in a way that allows you to check each of your answers individually, but you must fill in two correct answers to get the flag.

RDF Receivers:

DF Station Alpha:

DF Station Bravo:

DF Station Charlie:

The intermediate version of this challenge is technically solvable by hand much like the easy challenge. You can do that, or you can start to automate your DFing process with code. I wonder what sort of equations you'll need to figure out where two lines intersect. I hope you can make things fairly accurate because you're no longer trying to find something everyone knows about.

The coordinates for the input boxes below should look something like this: 41.188618, -71.594458


Answers must be accurate within 100 meters.

Lat/Lon of Eastern TX: Decimal Degrees
Lat/Lon of Western TX: Decimal Degrees