DF Simulator

DF Simulator is a tool set used to simulate Direction of Arival (DOA) RF receivers for the purpose of developing and testing RF geolocation software. The software supports moving as well as stationary receivers and transmitters, the simulation of RF path loss, and accurate calulation of bearings and distance based on the vincenty equations. The software will support as many transmitters and receivers as you're willing to program into it.

The simulation is based heavily on the Kerberos SDR (KSDR) platform, a RTL-SDR based four channel coherent reciever. The software that accompanies the KSDR platform produces power, confidence, and an inverted DOA value all of which are reflected in this simulator. The simulator adds additional fields to make the data more useful, such as latitude, longitude, and heading. Click "XML Data" below to see the full output. The tool is available on GitHub. The goal of this project is to encourage the developement of open source Radio Direction Finding (RDF) and RF Geolocation software. Current projects under way include DF Aggregator. To have your open source project recognized on this page, reach me on twitter, @corey_rf.

Test transmitter 1:

Single mobile transmitter with a regular TX cycle of one minute active, three minutes idle.

RDF Receivers:

DF Station Alpha:

DF Station Bravo: